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Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Investment Management

Strategic Wealth Management

Client Services

From Investment Planning to highest level service Strategic Wealth Management we offer a range of services designed to meet you at the appropriate level.  All of our investment advisory services are offered strictly on a fee basis.  We earn no commissions for recommendations of investment products.

Level 1 Services

Level 1 Services are defined by us as the "traditional" approach to financial services where we are retained to solve a client problem.  Once the problem is solved there may or may not be an on-going relationship with the client.  These services are designed for the "do-it-yourself" client who would feel more secure with some professional guidance.  With Level 1 Services clients are able to keep their investment account at it's current location whether that be a 401(k), discount brokerage firm, or other custodian.

Investment Planning - For clients who are interested in managing their own investment accounts but looking for professional guidance as to whether or not they are on the right path to achieve their objectives.  For a fee we provide specific investment recommendations, asset allocation and account rebalancing plan.

Retirement Planning - How long will the money last?  The greatest concern with today's life expectancy is outliving your nest egg.  Our Retirement Planning service is designed to establish a realistic lifetime income solution for your particular situation. 

Level 2 Services

Level 2 Services Services are for clients who are interested in an on-going relationship with a financial advisor.  This is where we are meeting on "the other side of the client service gap".  We create and implement your plan only after examining your "total wealth." 

Investment Management - We provide on-going investment management services for  client investment accounts including IRA's, Trust Accounts, Joint Tenancy Accounts, Charitable Trusts, and so on.  This service is open to a total of 60 clients.



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