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Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Investment Management

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Investment Management

Wright Financial & Business Advisors offers fee-only investment management for clients who would like professional counsel and management of their investment account(s).  

The process begins with the creation of an  Investment Strategy and Policy Statement (ISPS). For years, institutions have used investment policies to guide their decisions. Now WF&BA brings this level of service to the individual client through our Invest Strategy and Policy Statement Process.

The ISPS will provide strict guidelines as to the portfolio structure, the asset classes to be used, the review and rebalancing processes, as well as a summary of the WF&BA investment philosophy.  We believe a written plan is critical to long term success in investing, or anything else for that matter, and a lack of a plan is what leads most investors down the wrong path of chasing recent trends.  

As part of the ISPS process we will be asking you a great deal of questions about all areas of your personal and financial life.  The purpose here is to make sure that we cover everything that may impact the decisions made within your investment strategy.  

Once the ISPS is complete and you have approved the plan we will move forward with implementing your investment strategy.  For on-going management of your account we have relationships with TD Ameritrade and Vanguard. Depending on your unique needs we will recommend one of these custodians for your account.  

For on-going account management clients are provided with quarterly performance reports showing the overall return of their account along with an itemized listing of the return of all assets held within the account.  

Twice a year, usually mid-January through mid-February and then again in mid-July through mid-August we meet with clients to review their accounts and talk about any changes that may need to be made due to a change in circumstances.  Clients who retain us for our on-going investment management services are allowed to contact us throughout the year for help in any financial planning concern.  This is part of their quarterly investment management fee.   


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