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Investment Planning

Are you managing your own investment account?  We often find people who are managing their own investment account for any number of reasons.  Many enjoy this activity while for others it can feel somewhat of a burden.  Many perceive that they must either "go it alone" or turn over their entire account to a stock broker who works on commissions.

The good news is there is an alternate choice.  At Wright Financial & Business Advisors we offer fee-only investment planning advice for clients who would like professional counsel while maintaining personal control over their discount brokerage or mutual fund account(s).  

Through our unique process we will create a written Investment Strategy and Policy Statement (ISPS). For years, institutions have used investment policies to guide their decisions. Now WF&BA brings this level of service to the individual client through our Investment Strategy and Policy Statement Process.

The ISPS will provide strict guidelines as to the portfolio structure, the asset classes to be used, as well as the review and rebalancing processes.  We believe a written plan is critical to long term success in investing, or anything else for that matter, and a lack of a plan is what leads most investors down the wrong path of chasing recent trends.  

In addition to the ISPS we will help guide you through any required transactions that need to take place to put your Investment Strategy in to place.  At your discretion you can return to our firm at a later date to review and revise any element of your investment plan.    


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