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Bridging the Client Service Gap

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Bridging the Client Service Gap

by David J. Wright

The traditional relationship between a financial advisor and their client is described by the client�s need for certain financial products or services and the advisor�s knowledge to deliver them.  This superficiality of interactions is not perceived as a problem; since this is what consumers have been trained to expect and having no standard for comparison, take it for granted. 

When I started in the financial services business in 1993 this was how I understood the business.  The client had a problem and it was my job to solve it.  Even what passes as continuing education is often designed around this basic concept.  �Here�s the problem.  Here are the people that have the problem.  Now get out there and sell this product to solve their problem.�  I was never comfortable as a salesperson and along the line I came to see that there�s a huge gap between what client service typically provides and what it could provide.

Some clients are beginning to recognize the relative superficiality of traditional financial services and are beginning to imagine a world of client services that go beyond the traditional transaction approach.  We refer to this as the Client Service Gap. 

What Advisors Typically Offer What the Client Really Wants
Transactions � Formulaic interactions that are based on financial products and services, and the strictly technical skills of the advisor. Connection � Signifying an ongoing relationship based on intimate knowledge and understanding.  A deep and lasting friendship.
Numbers � Quantitative information usually directly related to the client�s wealth measured exclusively in terms of money and property.  The client as a �balance sheet.� Significance � A sense of what matters most to the client, a grasp of him or her as a human being whose life has meaning and purpose.  A profound understanding of the client�s life and experience.
Techniques � The advisor�s ability to use his or her special training to translate the client�s needs and wants into financial or legal products and services. Vision � A far-reaching sense of what the client�s life can be, and even wants to be.  May span generations in a family, family business, etc.
Information � The financial facts of the client�s situation and financial and legal world in general.  Usually takes the form of numbers and discussion about the impact of technical requirements (e.g., of law.) Wisdom � The ability to know what matters and what doesn�t; to apply this knowledge by helping clients see the significance of their lives and unlock their potential to live more richly and fully in every sense.
Advice � Direction the advisor gives the client to solve a financial problem or accomplish a specific financial goal. Trust � Confidence that the advisor truly understands the client and what matters most to him or her, and is deeply committed to putting the client�s long-term well-being and fulfillment ahead of the advisor�s.
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We recognize that a certain number of clients will never come in asking for more than the traditional �transaction oriented� approach where a client�s wealth consists solely of their material assets.  After all, this is what the client has been conditioned to expect.  However, our objective is to find those clients who not only see the gap but are interested in joining us on the other side.  We have spent a great deal of time, money and effort in transforming our business so that we may �bridge the gap� and offer our clients the Connection, Significance, Vision, Wisdom and Trust that they are looking for and quite frankly, they deserve. 

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