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Bridging the Client Service Gap

Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

�You are far more than your balance sheet.�

Money has value, but only quantitative value.  It is the sole currency in the traditional financial services model, but we who are looking for connection know that many things hold far greater value than money, and we readily would part company with all our money rather than lose something that holds tremendous emotional value for us.  As one credit card company�s advertisements rightly recognize, we can buy many things of value with money or credit, but some things are priceless.

Traditional financial planning is largely impersonal and that is exactly what changes when we cross over the client service gap.  It becomes personal indeed, to the point that the client�s most meaningful wealth informs the decisions that determine how the client�s money and property are managed.  It is crucial to understand that these areas of wealth, which traditional financial services either ignore or, at best regard as incidental, now move to center stage. 

The �Perfect Balance Life� is a visual reminder that we humans are so much more than our bank accounts.  It helps us to remember what�s most important, and to make sure that we acknowledge, appreciate, and honor this in the way we provide service. 

You can see the upper left quadrant deals with your financial life and this is where traditional transaction focused financial services professional spends their time.  Usually all of their time.  Unfortunately they are leaving 75% of your wealth �off the table� and it is not being discussed. 

As part of our commitment to bridging the gap we take the time to get to know our clients, to learn about their history, their ancestors, their traditions and heirlooms.  We take the time to learn about our client�s identity, about the connection that they feel to their family, and the beliefs, and values that may be shared.  We take the time to understand the relationship that our clients have with their community, their volunteer services, close friendships, work relationships, philanthropy or other affiliations that they may enjoy.  We believe that without these things, we cannot begin to advise our clients effectively on their planning.  And only with this information can we create plans for our clients that more closely reflect their individual intentions and dreams.  This is an altogether different client relationship, the relationship on the other side of the client service gap.

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