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Bridging the Client Service Gap

Our Philosophy

Our Values

Meet David J. Wright

Our Values

Life in Perfect Balance for our clients, employees, and vendors.  People are far more than a balance sheet.  Our work must reflect that fact.  Our ideal client understands that money and their �balance sheet� are only temporary things.  While money may �drive the train of life� it is our connection with our family and our community that provide the true rewards in life.


Connection through listening.  If the client says it, then it is important.  This is not only true for clients, but for employees, vendors and anyone we come in to contact with personally or professionally.  One way we show people how important they are to us through active listening and never interrupting them. 


Honesty and openness.  We are always straightforward with clients and everyone else.  We openly admit our mistakes and ask for forgiveness.  If we have a conflict of interest in a particular piece of advice it is disclosed to the client in advance.


Diligence.  A word not as commonly used as it once was the dictionary definition of diligence is, "earnest and persistent application to an undertaking."  Diligence is our standard for how we handle all client plans, recommendations and transactions.   


A lifetime commitment to learning and improving.  We value technical skill and specialty.  To be the best in a particular profession a person must specialize and continue to improve their knowledge and skill level.  We commit no less than 10% of our working hours to continuing education and development of our business.

Meet David J. Wright


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