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Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Investment Management

Strategic Wealth Management

Investment Strategy & Policy Statement Process


Introductory Meeting � Assessment of client readiness, completion of the client application and review of the ISPS process. 

Phase I � The Discovery Process

Review of Current Investment Strategy � A list will be provided to you of the important documents needed for this meeting

Goal Planning & Risk Tolerance Assessment � Client�s objectives are reviewed and risk tolerance questionnaire is administered

Phase II � Analysis of financial condition

Financial Condition Assessment � We will review possible risks and uncaptured opportunities that would impact the client�s investment strategy.  The client will also be provided with an analysis of their current investment strategy and how that compares to their goal planning and risk tolerance assessment.

Phase III � ISPS Design and Implementation

ISPS Review � a draft copy of your ISPS is reviewed at our office

ISPS Formalization � the final ISPS copy is signed and options are discussed for implementation

ISPS Implementation � All required paperwork is completed and signed to implement the ISPS

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